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Jual Mesin Kopi Vending 8 Jenis Minuman di Malang

Mesin Kopi Vending 8 Jenis Minuman

Mau usaha kopi atau mau menggunakan mesin kopi di kantor ? Mesin ini bisa menjadi pilihan tepat. Praktis, ekonomis dan banyak pilihan minuman bagi user

8 Jenis minuman terdiri dari 7 minuman instant dan 1 air panas. 7 Jenis minuman instant ini tergantung dari bahan dan campuran dari 4 canister yang ada

Keunggulan Mesin Kopi Vending Ini

  1. Luxurious touch screen
  2. Italy mixing system,
  3. long-range control
  4. 4 Canister dengan 8 jenis minuman
  5. CE & CB


Di bawah ini adalah gambar contoh variasi penyajian

Mesin Kopi Vending 8 Jenis Minuman 1 tokomesin malang


Mesin Kopi Vending 8 Jenis Minuman 2 tokomesin malang Mesin Kopi Vending 8 Jenis Minuman 3 tokomesin malang


  • Tipe : SC-71104
  • Listrik : 2.500 watt, 220V/50Hz
  • Pasokan Air : (Air Keran : Tekanan 0,5~6,5 bar) & (Dengan Pompa : Air Berlaras )
  • Volume Tangki : 5.700 ml
  • Perlindungan Termal: Logam Ganda (mati pada suhu 103±3°C)
  • Tabung : 4 pcs (1000g/pcs)
  • Aneka Minuman : 8
  • Tampilan : LCD
  • Sistem Kontrol: Sistem prosesor mikro & Kontrol sentuhan
  • Kapasitas : 220 gelas (125ml/cangkir) / 30 gelas (1000ml/cangkir)
  • Dimensi : 33×43.5×67 cm
  • Berat : 33 kg

Characteristic performance:

Classical appearance design, tempering glass panel, touch screen press button, adopt accessories from original Italian factory and their design, excellent performance and stable quality. Producing rich, flavourful coffee in an instant, it is the perfect tabletop machine for any meeting room, reception or pause area. Black and white coffee, cappuccino, chococcino, hot chocolate, creamy chocolate, all with or without sugar.

1)heating fastly:5 minutes

2)great water QTY flow: max. 800ML/cup

3)dispense great powder QTY: max.100g/cup

4)continuously dispense cups: above 400cups


1.Beverage flavor and water QTY adjustment system:

According to difference of personal flavor, adjust flavor of coffee or other drinks freely,also water QTY of machine.

2.Free adjustment system of water temperature:

Hot water boiler inside machine,adjust water temperature freely according to different season.(Adjusting range:68~98 degree water temperature)

3.Original canister from Italia:

Four canisters are made of environmental protection material conform to European standard.Capacity of each canister is up to 1200g and save time of adding material frequently.

4.No water display:

When water storage inside machine is lower than factory default data, machine will prompt by automatic alarm, to avoid that machine will be out of work.

5.Sales QTY statistics:

Statistical sales QTY for each kind of drink, it is convenient to sales management of drinks.

6.Pipeline water supply:

Machine is adopted of pipeline and pump water supply, thoroughly solve the overfall phenomenon, very suitable to place which is necessary to provide many drinks, at the same time avoid to add water frequently.

7.Double exhaust and moistureproof heating system:

Machine is equipped with auto. double exhaust and moistureproof heating system, can keep the air dry and fresh inside machine in the long term, ensure raw material is not solidification caking.

8.Auto. cleanning system:

When machine is in use,if water outlet of inner pipeline is not smooth, this system can solve the problem easily .

9.Dispensing system of high speed revolution:

The machine is equipped with dispensing system of high speed revolution,can let raw material and water mix well, foam of drink is more fine and smooth.

10.Self diagnostic system of fault:

When the circuit of machine is out of work,the system will show fault code on the display of machine. The moment machine will locked auto., so that servicemen troubleshoot problems, make sure machine and personal safety.

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